Gelfer combines beauty and sophistication in timeless collections for the strong individual. 

What characterises Gelfer is its constant development for a creative outlook with unexpected contrasts. With its elaborated quality materials, innovative cuts and colourful femininity, Gelfer´s intention is to communicate a strong and energetic image with its own history.

Gelfer Universe is authentic and innovative in its visual expression, the collection doesn’t adhere to current trends, but seeks identity and power.

Born and raised in Copenhagen on a cold winter day.
Daniella Gelfer graduated in Milan from Istituto Secoli in 2000, specialising in fashion design.
She lived 8 years in Milan, then moved to Paris to work for the French designer Delphine Murat.
She currently lives in Tel Aviv where she works with her brand.

Awards : 2009  Heering Fashion Competition in collaboration with Danish Elle Magazine. Winning first prize in Denmark . Representing Denmark in the Grand Finale in Singapore,  including over 100 countries and 15 participants  worldwide.